About Katie

katie binns dress studio

Hi, I’m Katie and I absolutely love dressing up for a special occasion. Whether it’s for a black tie event, wedding, a big occasion, any excuse and I’m there planning my outfit!.  I also love to help friends source the most amazing outfits for events they maybe going to.

I will take my clients into a world of dresses where I can help to advise on what colours will make them radiate, to what style dress suits their unique body shape. I am also fully qualified in Colour Analysis and Personal Styling. When it comes to Proms and buying dresses, my amazing teenage daughter Daisy always likes to be with me on the buying trips to keep the dresses current.

A few years ago, I went through bowel cancer and at this time as much as the disease knocked me down and changed me forever, one of the things I believe that got me through my treatment was putting on my favourite sparkly shoes, lipstick, and outfits in colours to make me feel ‘myself’, and to boost my moods! To be honest, this is where my career really began in the fashion world, as through this difficult time I truly learnt the power of colour and putting on a special outfit that made me feel fantastic!

By opening up KBDS in Surrey my dream has come true, to have a beautiful dress studio where clients can come and be made to feel great about themselves, and to go and enjoy their occasion knowing that they look and feel fantastic!