The Process

At Katie Binns Dress Studio, we want to take the stress out of finding that special dress.  So we have made the studio a relaxed environment, so you can come along to your 1:1 appointment , without having to worry about coming out of the changing area in front of strangers. In the studio we want to you come along relax, feel at home and have some fun!!

What to Bring to your appointment

Preferably nude or white underwear incase you want to try on a light coloured dress, most of the dresses have inbuilt cups.  Try to bring seamless knickers such as boy shorts, thongs or high cut, so to try to eliminate the dreaded VPL (visible panty line)

Bring a hair band incase you want to try the dress on with different hair looks. I have sample nude high heel shoes in sizes 5,6,7 for you to try on with your dresses.





Try to keep an open mind when

choosing your dress

book appointment

Call Katie Binns Dress Studio appointment line at any time on 07972124887, we will endeavour to ring you back within 24hrs to book in a 1:1 appointment

the appointment

The Appointment will last between 1-1/2 hours.  As I am a small studio please feel free to bring along a companion but if more than 1 person can you ask in advance. If you are wanting to cancel the appointment please do so within 48hrs.

come prepared

Make sure to wear the correct undies, and to not wear fake tan or much makeup as this can tranfer onto the dresses.


After your 1:1 appointment we will have tried on various styles of dresses, and hopefully you will have found your “one”. But relax it maybe that you have to step out of the studio and give yourself the night to have a think about which one it is, remember there is no pressure!

Please call and leave a message